When is It Time To Step In And Help?

Are You Worried About Your Parent Living Alone? Take This Quick Quiz To See If They Are Still Safe To Live Alone.

"The Wild Side of Caregiving: What's Your Caregiver Personality?

Have you ever wondered how your personal journey in caregiving might be symbolized by a different type of animal?

"My Parent Has Dementia....Now What?"

Download this Quick Guide: The Top 3 Mistakes Daughters Make When Finding Out A Parent Has Dementia.

The Complete Guide To Dementia

This comprehensive complete guide to dementia includes diagnoses, treatment and other useful information that is more comprehensive than the Quick Guide.

Skills to Simplify Caregiving

“Think Different” Dementia, LLC is a dementia education, coaching and consultation company. Our life’s mission is to teach all daughters the

skills to simplify dementia caregiving.

It is our emphatic belief that people living with dementia can continue to live quality lives and that we can delay their functional decline with the right strategies and care-giver support.

We know it can be easy for daughters of dementia to help their parent with dementia without feeling overwhelmed and we use unique caregiving skills to do so.

“Think Different” Dementia has a mission to bring the skills to simplify dementia caregiving to the world using technology and online platforms.

We believe that people with dementia are created in the image of God and as such, deserve honor, respect and love.


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