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I believe my chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and I do so by helping people living with dementia.

Most daughters want to help their parents living with dementia.

But they don't know how.

And many daughters wait too long to learn the skills to simplify caregiving, resulting in feeling overwhelmed, which means that they burn out.

Don't let that be you.

Do you have a parent living with dementia, and are wondering... "What's Next?"

Call me, and we can chat about what you need to do next!

About Lizette Cloete, OT

I believe that we complicate dementia caregiving.

I believe that there are skills to simplify dementia caregiving.

I believe choosing to be a caregiver makes all the difference.

When you commit to become the best caregiver you can be, it becomes easy.

When you prepare to become the best caregiver you can be, it becomes easy.

When you prioritize how to become the best caregiver you can be, you learn the skills to simplify caregiving

When you plan how to provide the best care you can, you stop feeling overwhelmed.

When you find purpose in caregiving, it becomes easy.

Dementia will change your life but it does't need to control your life.

Are You An Overwhelmed Daughter of Dementia?

For the last 30 years I have been working with people with dementia in all different settings, from all different walks of life as an occupational therapist.

Over the years I have worked with 1000's of other families just like you and me , other daughters of dementia, who are tired of struggling and who just want dementia caregiving to be easy.

Is that you? Then you are in the right place.

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Our Mission

“Think Different” Dementia, LLC is a dementia education, coaching and consultation company. Our life’s mission is to teach all daughters the skills to simplify dementia caregiving.

It is our emphatic belief that people living with dementia can continue to live quality lives and that we can delay their functional decline with the right strategies and care-giver support.

We know it can be easy for daughters of dementia to help their parent with dementia without feeling overwhelmed and we use unique caregiving skills to do so.

“Think Different” Dementia has a mission to bring the skills to simplify dementia caregiving to the world using technology and online platforms.

We believe that people with dementia are created in the image of God and as such, deserve honor, respect and love.


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