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Discover 3 Easy Ways To Simplify Dementia Caregiving!

From Overwhelming to Easy: 3 Skills To Simplify Dementia Caregiving.

Overcome Your Fear Of The Future, Your Anxiety And Your Loneliness

And Find Your Community As A Daughter of Dementia

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Imagine what your life will feel like when you simplify the dementia caregiving journey...

When you connect with a community of like-minded daughters, which means you won't feel like you have to do everything alone?!?

When you gain certainty and clarity in how to support your parent, which means that you won't feel exhausted and burned out?!?

When you feel confident and capable in your dementia care skills, which means you were able to support them without it taking a toll on your own life?!?

The key to having it all?

3 Skills To Simplify Your Dementia Caregiving Journey Without Confusion, Uncertainty and Cultivate Peace of Mind!

Do you have a parent who has dementia?

Are you perhaps helping one parent take care of another parent, and worried about them both?

Are you sad and feel all alone?

Are you anxious about the future, not knowing what to expect?

Are you feeling overwhelmed ?

Do you feel like you have no choice, that you have to sacrifice your own life to help them?

Finding out your parent has dementia will change your life.

But it doesn't need to destroy it!

If you are ready to...

✅find a community just like you, committed to supporting a parent with dementia , without fearing the future, feeling anxious and lonely or getting overwhelmed...

✅ find clarity and certainty that you are doing all you can to support them because you are prepared...

✅ find out how you can feel confident and capable in your caregiving skills, learning 3 simple ways to make it easy...

...then this free workshop is specifically for you!

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See what people are saying....

"The love and caring concern Lizette had for me as well as my mother was evident.

She asked me how I was handling the stress, the sadness, and the responsibilities.

It really helped me help Mom better."

"Lizette understood perfectly what I was dealing with and never left a question unanswered."

For over 2 years, she worked with me virtually to learn needed skills to take care of my parents."

"Lizette has a gift for working with and teaching people about dementia.

Lizette’s personal experiences, her heart and her dedication help people like me get through the dementia journey without falling apart.

Usually her first question is "How can I help you today?"

Reserve Your Seat To This Free 2 Hour Workshop Below

When You Are Not


...your life will feel out of control!

...you will feel overwhelmed and afraid!

...you will be constantly tired!

...you will feel desperate and alone!

It is possible to help your parent with dementia without feeling overwhelmed...

Step 1:

Register now for the free workshop, and take your first step towards learning the skills to simplify your dementia care journey, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed which means you will finally feel like your life is back in control...

Step 2:

Attend the free workshop so you can learn with other like-minded daughters which means you will stop feeling all alone and unsupported while supporting your parents.

Step 3:

Implement one skill you learn on the workshop and help yourself, which means you will know you did everything you could to balance your life and responsibilities...

Many daughters helping a parent with dementia struggle to find the right balance between caregiving and managing their own life.

That’s exactly what we solve in our unique approach. In fact many of our clients have said that this way of thinking differently about caregiving has given them the confidence they need to help their parent while simplifying their caregiving journey.

Reserve Your Seat To This Free 2 Hour Workshop Below

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